Yuga Smartphone May be Renamed Xperia Z

There has been news of late that Sony is all ready for the introduction of a new smartphone under the name “Yuga” for quite some time. However, sources reveal that the above handset as the chance to be renamed Xperia Z and it has been anticipated that it will sport the Sony TV Technology. There are credible rumors that the Yuga name is likely to be dropped before release and only time will need to wait and watch to check if these so called rumors are true or not.


It has been anticipated that this device is going to pose really touch competition for its rival the HTC Butterfly and the Oppo Find 5. These are two upcoming handsets that have a 5 inch complete 1080p HD display. It is anticipated that Sony will exhibit the forthcoming handset at CES in January 2013 or the MWC in the month of February. There are sources that claim that the Yuga may be released as the Xperia Z at that time. This device is gaining popularity because of its dust and water resistance feature. Mobile enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting its release and we just have to wait and watch to see what happens.

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