Windows Software upsets Nokia Lumia icon

The new Icon smartphone from Nokia Lumia provides you with innumerable compelling features. But these exciting features are often undermined because the phone runs with the help of Windows Phone software. The developers as well as the consumers do not prefer this software. For the Verizon Wireless, the Icon smartphone acts as the flagship phone. The device is packed with numerous features typical of other high-end smartphones like high-speed data transferring ability over LTE network, fast processor, long-lasting battery, 5-inch display and high resolution.



The Icon has lots of distinguishing custom applications and a super-sharp camera. The camera is one of the best that is found in smartphones. When compared with the pictures shot on iPhone 5S, having 8MP camera, the pictures had truer colors and were sharper. In areas of low light and of great contrast the camera of Icon does a better job. Also there are lots of options provided by which you can adjust or manually set the white balance, the shutter speed, and the focus. There is a “smart sequence” mode included in the camera app of the Icon. This mode allows the users to shoot 10 photos at the speed of 4 frames in each second.

The main camera app of Nokia has been supplemented with another app that allows the users to shoot panoramic photos. There is also an app that helps the users to edit the pictures after shooting them. The Nokia Creative Studio app helps the users to preview their pictures after the application of certain filters. This easy to use app helps the users to change the colors in the picture to black-and-white and also give a blurred effect to the picture’s background.

The Icon has a fascinating non-camera app called the Here Maps. The pedestrians and the drivers are provided with point-to-point directions with the help of this app. The Here Maps app also has the ability to save the maps on the phone. Therefore, you can easily access the maps when you are beyond the cellular range.

However, the biggest shortcoming of the device is that it functions on Windows Phone. Windows Phone only comprises of 4% of the smartphone market and is ranked third. Android and Apple occupy the first and the second spot.

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