Windows Phone 7 Predicts To Overtake The Apple IPhone

The IDC has revealed that the Windows Phone 7 phone is likely to overtake the Apple iPhone in the year 2015. It is anticipated that the WP 7 platform phone is going to take the market by storm and take the second place after the Android launched by Google in the Smartphone market. If you take into consideration the iphone market of today you will find that this phone to be launched by Microsoft will dominate all the other phones of today and this is what the IDC positively believes in.

"Windows Phone 7"

It is anticipated that this year is going to be the market of the Android and it is expected to have a total share of about 39.5% of the market. The second position is going to be taken by Symbian with about 20.9% of the users using it. The thirds is the iOS that is at 15.7% with Blackberry and The Windows 7 phone at the 4th and 5th spots respectively. The rest is occupied by the others.

The above has been observed and projected by Senior Research Analyst, Ramon Llamas with the Mobile Devices Technology and Trends of IDC. The Android phone is one phone that really became a hit in the year 2010.


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