Windows 8 Phone To Reach 180 Nations

There is a lot of hype around the Windows 8 Phone and the good news is that this device is all set to hit 180 nations. This phone will not only include interface tweaks but it will also sport a wide range of brand new applications for the Marketplace. This store is all prepared to reach more than 180 nations that is actually a very huge leap when compared to the 63 regions that it traversed today. The developers will also be able to submit applications via the App Hub for the 180 nations that this virtual marketplace is destined to reach.

This online store is one that will allow the buying and the selling of tools with in app purchases as well. So, there will be utilities, services and goodies that are sold in the applications providing developers with more profitable opportunities.  The final stage of optimizing the phone is in progress. As of now there is no official news of the release date of this new Windows 8 Phone.  It is an advanced and high performing one. This is why we should keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best when it comes to getting this phone as soon as possible!

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