Why the Samsung Galaxy S5 would fit your pocket

The launching date of the Samsung Galaxy S 5 has been announced to be on the twenty fourth of February in the year two thousand and fourteen. The Samsung Galaxy S 5 will be launched at the Mobile World Congress. The event will take place at Barcelona.  According to the latest news, the mobile phone will be launched in two of its variants. According to the latest news the Samsung mobile phone was viewed in its two variants on the An Tu Tu benchmarks.  The variants are SM – G900H and the SM —G900R4. Samsung is a South Korean company and they had declared that mobile phone will be available in two types. The two types of the mobile phone will be available in plastic and metal casings.  It has been speculated that Samsung will walk the way that Apple had travelled in the way that it will target different sections of society with varying buying capabilities.


It has been reported that the variant of the phone model Samsung Galaxy S 5, SM G900R4 will have a quadcore Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. There is the presence of a thirty two Giga byte of inbuilt storage within the phone.  The above mentioned variety of the phone will run on Android 4.4.2 KitKat. There is a sixteen mega pixel camera at the rear of the phone and there will be a 2.1 mega pixel camera at the front. The Samsung Galaxy S 5 mobile phone variant SM-G900R4 will have three Giga byte of Random Access Memory. We can say that the other variant of the Samsung Galaxy S 5 SM-G900H will have software similar to that of the other variant. Sources in the company of Samsung have revealed that the launching event will be quite low key.  They have cited the reason that the in spite of the elaborate event for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 the mobile phone had performed badly.  Thus there will be no frills during the launch this time around. Moreover, at the event of the Mobile World Congress the company of Samsung will also launch the Galaxy gear along with the Samsung Galaxy S 5.

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