Why the Nokia Normandy will rule the markets

The Nokia Normandy is likely to be named as the Nokia X. The @evleaks which is a member of Twitter has leaked much information about the Nokia Normandy. The @evleaks has also mentioned how the Android and Nokia will be working by mutually sharing the same platform. News is that the Nokia Normandy will have a vast amount of Nokia App Store in the mobile phone. But it is a pity that the numerous apps would not be available in the device. According to reports which have been leaked a retailer has mentioned that the device will obviously have the options of Google Search, Google Play, Google Maps, Google Now, Google Calendar and You Tube available on the mobile phone.  Reports have mentioned that the Nokia Normandy is supposed to breathe a fresh air of life and restore the Nokia’s Asha range of smart phones.


News is that the Nokia Normandy will be available in a variety of colors like black, white, green, blue, yellow and red. Informants within the Nokia Company have disclosed to The Verge that the Nokia Normandy is being worked upon as a forked type of Android. It is not the Android which is available with Google. The company of Nokia has declined to make any comments on the Nokia Normandy. The story is that the Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia will not in any way come in the way of Nokia introducing Android in the budget mobile phones. The Nokia Normandy will also serve the purpose of arming the people with popular Microsoft services like Skype and Bing.


The launch of this mobile phone will be in the year two thousand and fourteen. The mobile phone has entered the stage of testing and thus will be made available to the public in the early months of two thousand and fourteen. According to speculations the Nokia Normandy will have four inches 854into 480 pixel display.  The mobile phone will have a one Giga Hertz Qualcomm. There is also a one and a half minute video available on the internet which shows the Nokia Normandy as one of the coolest handsets to be possessed.

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