Why Sony Xperia Z 2 will impress you

The Sony Xperia Z 2 is supposed to be launched at the Consumer Electronic Show that is going to take place in the year of two thousand and fourteen. According to the latest news the Sony Xperia Z 2 is going to be unveiled in the month of April this year. Perhaps the company of Sony will repeat the act of unveiling the Sony Xperia Z 2 at the Consumer Electronic Show as it had done with the Sony Xperia Z in the year two thousand and thirteen. In spite of all this bits and pieces of information it has to be said that no official information has been released on behalf of the company of Sony about the launching of the new mobile phone.  Also it has to be clarified that the new Sony Xperia Z 2 can be bought by the people based on availability. The occasion might so arise that certain pockets might have to wait for a longer time for the purpose of getting a Sony Xperia Z 2 for themselves. Though the price tag which accompanies the Sony Xperia Z 2 is not known as of now it has been assumed that the price of the new mobile phone will be similar to that of the Sony Xperia Z 1 when it made its appearance in the market.



The new mobile phone Sony Xperia Z 2 has been code named as “Sirius”.  According to the rumors the new mobile phone is going to have about five inch display size (5.2 inches to be precise) with a 1080 pixel display.  According to hearsay from the insiders from the company the Sony Xperia Z 2 will have a Qualcomm processor. There will be a 2.3 Giga hertz Quad core Processor in the mobile phone. Some reports say that the Sony Xperia Z 2 will be supported by a three Giga bytes of Random Access Memory. Moreover, there will be the presence of two cameras in the mobile phone.  One camera will be placed at the front and one camera will be placed at the back. The rear camera will be a 20.7 mega pixel camera. The camera placed in the front will be a 2.1 mega pixel camera.

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