Why LG G 2 Pro is a wonderful choice

The LG G 2 Pro mobile phone is going to be launched in the upcoming event of the Mobile World Congress in the year two thousand and fourteen. According to the latest bit of news the LG G 2 Pro will be the newer edition of the LG Optimus G Pro Phablet. It remains to be seen how the mobile phone fares after the mobile phone is released in the Mobile World Congress. The launching date of the LG G 2 Pro has been decided to be in that of February. It was speculated previously that the mobile phone LG G 2 Pro would have all the features that were included in the mobile phones of LG G2 series.  But it is more likely as it is being thought that the mobile phone LG G 2 Pro will have more of the features of LG Optimus G Pro phablet. At the time though information related to the LG G 2 Pro is not available to a great extent. The company of LG has not yet stated about what to expect from the mobile phone. Though the mobile phone will be launched in the Mobile Congress in the month of February two thousand and fourteen the mobile phone will be available in the markets only from the month of March. The company of LG has its plans to have a finger print scanner. The South Korean media has been putting the LG G 2 Pro in the latest news recently. The South Korean media is rife with news of the phablet  LG G 2 Pro and I speculating all that it can about the phablet. But in spite of all the speculations the exact specifications of the mobile phone is still regarded a mystery. The exact features of the phablet is not well known.



One of the doubts in this case is whether the phablet will have a full HD (1080 into 1920) display. The phablet might also have a QHD one (1440 into 2560). According to the rumors which came out previously it was estimated that the phablet will most possibly have a QHD panel. Yet we have come to know only very recently that this is not the case.

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