Who Is To Blame For Nexus 4 Shortage?

Customers are disappointed and angry ever since the launch of the Nexus 4 by Google. The device was launched in November and now it is next to impossible to get a phone from the Google Play Store. There are a handful of retailers that have the stock of the device and this has infuriated customers to a large extent.


LG on the other hand is claiming that there are no issues with regard to the widespread shortages of this flagship mobile by Google. There have been statements by representatives that LG has been producing these devices without problems and there are no supply issues.

There was a previous report where the Managing Director Of Google UK placing the blame of the hardware partner of LG. He stated that the supplies from this manufacturer were erratic and scarce. The communication had also been flawed as well.

Now this is the question that if the production is smooth, why is there issues in the distribution? There are cases where this device is sold out in most stores. There is a blame game going on however it is the customers who are facing the brunt. At least someone should clarify and disclose the truth to them!

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