White iPhone Shipping Soon In Spring

When released there was great excitement in the air about the White iPhone but their expectations were dashed due to calls being dropped. Apple took immediate steps and held further shipping of the phone to address the issue. Apple stores have revealed that the shipping of the iPhone will begin in Spring 2011 and Apple hopes to draw in enhanced sales with this phone that is not much different from its black version.

The black iPhone is one that is available with a two year contract with AT&T at $199 and for the white iPhone the phone is going to come with a two year contract that will cost $299. While offering the explanation with regard to the above manufacturing issues decided to withhold the shipment of the new iPhones and said that the only difference between the two is just the white and black plastic covers. There is no news with regard to the release of the iPhone on Verizon and there is a possibility of a dual release around the same time. There is however a question and that is whether this phone is going to work better than the black iPhone. This question remains to be answered and only time will be able to tell the difference.

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