White iPhone 4 Ready For Sellers

For those customers who are waiting for the White iPhone 4 there is good news and that is the phone will be ready for sellers to sell soon. Apple has confirmed that it is going to make the handset available in white finally. This device has been subjected to a number of unnecessary delays leading to hyped customer demand in the process. This has led to many people now being tempted to replace their existing phones with the popular white version of the iphone that is anticipated to land in the markets soon. It is expected that the white version of the iphone is going to be on sale via the website of the manufacturer and popular retail outlets.

"White iPhone 4"

According to Philip Schiller, the senior VP at Apple for product marketing worldwide the white iphone 4 has arrived in the market for customers and it looks really beautiful. He said that he appreciated the patience of the people who had waited for the iphone to arrive in the market. This device is said to be the most innovative phone in the market and the company has paid a lot of attention to its making. It currently boosts of high quality images and text with video imaging and it is expected to be rolled out across the world.


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