White BlackBerry Bold 9780 launched in Canada via Rogers

It seems like today is the day of white phones. At first the white Samsung Galaxy S was launched in Germany, and now Rogers launches the white version of the BlackBerry Bold 9780 in Canada.

The white version isn’t all white and has the chrome bezel just like the Bold 9700 along with a black mid-section which is kind of a drag.

Like the black version, launched a few weeks ago the white Bold 9780 is priced $149.99 with a 3-year contract or $499.99 without any contracts.

We should remind that this phone is also available via Bell, T-Mobile USA, and Vodafone UK. Moreover these carriers offer better deals than Rogers: Bell sells this phone for $99.99 with a 3-year contract, T-Mobile for $129.99 with a 2-year contract and you can get the Bold for free again with a 2-year contract.

According to some rumors, the red version of the BlackBerry Bold 9780 will be launched soon too, though there is no information when and where exactly.

No word if it is yet available in stores so, if you are after this phone you can buy it here at Roger’s website.

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