Waterproof Giant Sony Xperia Z Launched

The waterproof giant has arrived at last! The Sony Xperia Z Ultra phone has entered the markets and it seems to have been creating waves already.

This phone is known for its gigantic screen. It is the slimmest large display screen in the market and the company is pitching the phone in this manner. Sony has launched this phone as a challenge to the dominance of Samsung in the giant handset sector. Samsung has till date occupied 70% of phablet and the superphone market last year. This is primarily due to the popularity of models like the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2.


Samsung is a company that gives the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Mega. This is a 6.3 inch handset that provides a five inch handset of its own. Sony already has a five inch handset of its own. The original Sony Xperia Z is that phone that was unveiled in the month of January. The subsequent handsets have been unleashed at the Mobile Asia Expo In Shanghai and the brand new mobile is expected to be available for sale in China , Singapore and Indonesia in the month of July. After this it is expected to hit the markets in September in Europe.

Xperia Z Ultra Displayschutzfolie

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