VoLTE Support Of Samsung Galaxy S3 Announced For Korea

In a bid to improve and accentuate voice calling Samsung Galaxy S3 VoLTE support has been announced in Korea. This service is first going to be incorporated in those handsets that are LTE enabled in Korea that is going to start from August. This will subsequently be followed by a global rollout. This feature is going to employ a IP packet service that will deliver calls that have enhanced quality and clarity. This will permit convenient switching from a voice call to video calls. When compared to the voice frequency of the 3G network you will find that this service is anticipated to give better HD level audio codec to give conversations that are crystal-clear. The voice streaming is similar to a conversation that two people may have in real life. The above rollout is going to put Samsung at the forefront of the market. This was elaborated in a post on the official Samsung blog.

It is different from the mVoIP service as this software does not need you to install a separate application for use. This eradicates disturbances like disconnections and other changes in network connectivity.


The Samsung Galaxy S3 VoLTE service is going to be rolled out for all its LTE variants in Korea via a major software update.

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