UK To Get The Sony Ericsson Playstation Phone On The 31st Of March 16, 2011

Sony Ericsson is all set to launch the Playstation phone on the 31st of March and it is now planning a great marketing campaign for the purpose. There is a lot of hype and excitement in the nation right now as many mobile lovers have been eagerly waiting for the Playstation phone.

"Sony Ericsson Playstation Phone"

This phone is one that has been announced during the Mobile World Congress in the year 2011. It sports a display of 4 inches along with slide out controls. The phone has four playstation buttons and a D pad. There will be a host of games that will be available for the gamer. This phone is one that is a combination of functionality and entertainment. This is the reason why it is a highly sought after one.


Gaming fans will surely fall in love with the phone’s unique design with the circle, cross, square and triangle designs on the phone. The phone will be a different kind of phone as it will be available with mobile operators and retailers. It will be sold everywhere and this is the reason why the phone is getting a big marketing campaign for its promotion. So, if you are based in UK and are waiting for the release of the phone it is time to grab it on the 31st of March!


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