Twitter Now Available For New Version Of Blackberry Apps

There is good news for Blackberry users! In an effort to make the Twitter application more interactive for users of Blackberry the website has introduced two brand new attributes to its application. The main objective of this latest version is to keep its users connected to things and people that they care about. The Twitter blog has claimed that this new version is available at the Blackberry App World.

There have been a number of major improvements on the software. There is a simplified way of sharing these web pages on the micro-blog from the browser. The users do not have to worry about keeping track of the characters that they use. There is a tweeted link that will provide users with the advantages of shortening the characters. If the users wish to share images they can successfully do it with the aid of Blackberry device cameras. This is not enough as there is further good news and that is users are able to link their Twitter accounts directly to the Blackberry Messenger. This is one feature that social networking buffs will love doing.

The application can be downloaded for free from the Blackberry App World by users of the device.

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