TV Apps to Bring the Experience Everywhere

tv appWith the increased use of smartphones and tablets to watch television, as well as interact with it, the top names in television now offer a variety of apps that enhance the viewing experience, no matter where you are. In addition to providing apps for their services, the major pay television providers, including DirecTV and Dish Network, offer many more apps for their viewers.

DirecTV Apps

  • Pandora — The Pandora app allows you to experience the power of Internet radio directly through your television. While DirecTV does offer music channels as part of most of their packages, Pandora offers a customized music experience that allows you to listen to exactly what you want when you want it.
  • Fantasy Football — During the football season, many men and women create fantasy teams in the hopes of winning in their individual pools. The fantasy football app allows you to keep track of how your team members are doing so you know whether you win or lose each week. All stats are updated in real-time.
  • YouTube — YouTube is one of the top online video sites that allows users to watch user-generated videos. However, with the use of this app, you aren’t restricted to watching them on your home computer. You can now watch videos in full size right on your own television screen.
  • DirecTV Voice – This app allows you to basically tell the TV what you want to watch and let it do the work.  Think of the Siri of television.  This app is one of the most revolutionary TV apps available and it continue to receive rave reviews from users.  To get the full experience of the DirecTV voice app you will need to be a DirecTV subscriber.  Sign up using to receive special promotions when signing up for a new account.

Dish Network

  • Game Apps — Everyone loves to play games. There are many websites that offer games, but not everyone wants to sit at a computer and play games. If you are interested in playing games on your television without the need for a video game system, these game apps can provide you with hours of fun.
  • TWC Interactive — Waiting for the weather can be irritating, especially when you want to know right now. While you can always check online or wait through all the cities that scroll through on The Weather Channel, you can quickly and easily find the weather forecast for your exact location instantly. You can even check other locations if you will be traveling.
  • CNN Interactive — The news is an important part of life for many people. However, there may be certain things you want to learn more about without having to wait until they make an appearance on the news channel of your choice. With the CNN app, you can choose the stories you see, vote in their interactive poll, view upcoming shows and even set them to record.

The introduction of television apps has changed the way people will view television forever. While these apps have been widely used on smartphones and tablets in recent years, they can be useful with your subscription television service as well. Whether you use these apps on your television at home to enhance your viewing experience or you use them on a mobile device to stay on top of the latest happenings from any location, these apps and the others available will make your television viewing experience more interactive and enjoyable.

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