The market for mobile phones is causing completion amongst the mobile phone companies. Who is going to win the race? It is solely for this reason that Apple, one of the leading mobile producers in the market has come up with new marketing strategies.


Apple had first introduced its iPhone six years back and since then that the company is facing gradual upgrade with the release of every new gadget whose structure and function has been changing since the time it was first introduced making the new models sleeker and much faster. However their arena for improvement did not include making ‘cheaper’ phones. However this did not affect much as the high income people preferred Apple for their Smartphone.

With time’s fate now most of the people who want to have a taste on iPhone already have one. This shouldn’t however mean that this will result as a fall for the company as people still need to replace their phones. On Tuesday Apple thus proclaimed that they would resign to being one of the premium phone sellers, but noting that it would be a slow growing business, the second strategy they had chosen is that they will play in a different sandbox for the billions of earthlings who are now entering the market for a Smartphone but cannot afford a very costly one.

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