Trends in Mobile Casino App Development

Mobile casino apps continue to be a very popular genre among game developers, with several trends working in their favor and likely pointing to even more apps being rolled out in the future. Unlike other games that have to create their own loyal followings largely from scratch, millions of people around the world already know and play casino and poker games in casinos as well as with friends, letting developers cater to what is effectively already a huge installed base. One of the first apps ever developed was Apple Texas Hold’em, with Apple itself recognizing the potential demand for casino game apps when it developed and released the game in-house.

With several generations of mobile casino games now under the belts of developers, several trends are beginning to emerge as the genre develops and other external changes occur as far as the policy of Apple’s iTunes and Google’s Android Market when it comes to casino games. The majority of mobile casino games continue to cater to a casual, recreational market — think Zynga Poker and Slingo — but more and more online gambling companies are devoting the energy and money towards mobile apps that let customers place sports bets, play blackjack for real money, or compete in poker tournaments.

Both Apple and Google have softened their stances towards gambling apps that let players compete for real money, especially when developers are willing to abide by country restrictions and limit the distribution of the apps to their customers who are only located in countries that clearly allow online gambling for real money. This still rules out the huge US market (which passed laws back in 2006 to prevent online gambling for real money) but more and more online gambling operators are now eyeing the mobile market as a potential revenue generator and are moving now to develop and release apps targeting it, even if they may still be years away from seeing significant revenue from the mobile market.

Other companies such as Facebook and Zynga who have in the past steadfastly denied any interest in offering casino and poker games for real money have down an about-face in the last few months, with both companies now revealing that they’re very interested in tackling the online gambling market, especially if they find the right partner to work with. These potential newcomers to the space would face significant obstacles but also have a potential lucrative base of millions of players already enjoying their free casino games to market to

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