Toughest Smartphone In The World Arrives

The toughest smartphone in the world has finally arrived to cater to the needs of mobile enthusiasts in the form of the Handhed Nautiz X1.This phone is a sturdy built one compact and able to bear a good amount of rough usage round the clock.

The hardware features of this tough smartphone are impressive. It has a 4 inch display that is a damage resistant one. Users get the benefits of clear visibility under sunlight as well. The device has a dual core CPU at 1 GHz that in addition with a 512 MB RAM looks after its entire functioning. The inbuilt memory of this phone is 2GB however users can extend it with the use of a microSD card.

This smartphone caters to both field professional and outdoor enthusiasts who need a “rough and tough” phone. Nautiz has been well-known in the market for the production of rugged mobile computers for several years. The company claims this is no ordinary smartphone as it gives them the edge of an ultra rugged mobile computer. The new Handheld Nautiz X1 release and price details have not been disclosed as of now. It is expected to make its entrance in the market by January 2013.

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