Top 4 Free Productivity Smartphone Apps for 2012

Quality, free productivity apps aren’t easy finds these days, with app stores inundated with poor quality apps, all vying for your attention. After doing some digging, we found 4 productivity apps that prove to be the most useful going into 2012:

App: Evernote

  • Preferred Devices: iPhone, Android, BlackBerry

Description: Part task manager, part organizer, Evernote is the perfect solution for users who keep their entire lives on their phones. From storing PDFs, to arranging photos (with the ability to add audio captions), to filing notes and collaborating with colleagues, Evernote makes it easy to manage various types of content within one app. Additionally, it’s possible to sync content from your computers and tablets, with either Mac or Windows operating systems.

App: Conqu

  • Preferred Device(s): BlackBerry

Description: BlackBerry is unquestionably the most popular smartphone option for professionals who rely on its qwerty keyboard and business functionality, in and out of the office. One of the top free BlackBerry apps, the newly released BB version of Conqu, is quite possibly the most effective task management app that RIM devices have seen to date. Keep track of tasks, projects, contacts and tags, by touch or navigation buttons, within a user-friendly interface. Extensive filtering functions and offline capabilities prove to be coveted features by BlackBerry App users. Although Conqu is available for iPhones and Androids, usability is higher on BlackBerry devices as the keyboard comes in handy for typing.

App: Dolphin Browser HD

  • Preferred Device(s): iPhone, Android

Description: Any smartphone user can attest to the agony of using mobile browsers to surf the net, from the challenges of touch screen typing to the frustrations of the excessive need to pinch and zoom to change browser settings. Behold the Dolphin Browser, which makes organizing bookmarks, customizing browser themes, tabbed browsing, and even navigating via gesture all possible to iPhone and Android users (no word on a BlackBerry release). It’s most unique feature, Dolphin Gesture, allows users to create browser shortcut commands (like visiting bookmarked web pages) with hand-drawn line shapes on the screen. Such dramatically improved usability makes surfing the mobile net a breeze, especially for traveling professionals who need to harness the full functionality of the web on their mobile devices.

App: Dropbox

  • Preferred Device(s): iPhone, Android, BlackBerry

Description: Dropbox provides users the ability to sync and share files almost instantly from various devices – computers, smartphones, and tablets. Although the smartphone app doesn’t provide the full functionality of the desktop version, users can view, download, add & delete files from the account. They can also upload photos from there device, stream music or video, and share files with other users from the account. With 2 gigs of space provided, Dropbox is a great free cloud storage option for professionals needed access to files from multiple devices.

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