Time to shout YAHOOOOO!!!

Start your day with great news. Shout YAHOO!!! You must be wondering why I am so excited. Well one can’t resist but be excited when he gets to know that Yahoo has launched a new mobile application this very morning known as the “yahoo screen” specially designed for the Apple IOS Devices which includes their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This application is designed to act as a mobile home for Yahoo’s own media content, offering a simple, swipe able interface for browsing through the various programs.


With the yahoo screen users can watch any of their media from a central location. Along with that it has also got a gesture based control with which you can change channels by swiping up or down or go from one show’s episode to the next by swiping from left to right. It has also made dealings with Viacom which will help bringing new content from Comedy central and other such channels.

To get you going Yahoo is proud to make dealings with Viacom which in turn will be bringing before us clips from some of the Comedy Central’s best shows. You can now thus have access to the best storied franchise.

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