The StompBox Foot Controller Multi-Functional Application Launched For iPhone

Griffin Technology has launched a multi-functional foot controller that is a programmable one for the Iphone. With the aid of this application Iphone users can now enjoy the benefits of virtual guitar effects on their device. The application is such that it has been designed to support any instrument that takes in a ¼ inch jack like a keyboard, a guitar, an electric guitar and an electric violin.

"The StompBox Foot Controller Multi-Functional Application Launched For iPhone"

This controller has been designed to work with Frontier Design iShred’s live application. The combination of the IShred and the Stompbox on a live application will permit musicians to switch over effects with the aid of their feet and they do not need to use their hands on the application. These individual foot switches are one that will aid users to control diverse effects on their device. In this manner the user is able to create effects like the “real –stage”.

The foot controller device comes equipped with a one meter Griffin Cable Guitar Connect that allows connection to instruments, headphones and an iOS device all at the same time. This foot controller has a 4-button and it available at the Apple retail stores as well as online at and


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