The Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0

There are several pros and cons in a particular thing. With regards to the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0, it has become one of the popular Samsung Android Smart Phones which offer the user all the capabilities excluding the phone and its monthly fees. This phone is an economical surrogate to the iPad as it delivers all the answers just as in the iPod touch phone. It is resembles the iPhone in many ways but is not exactly the same.

The storage capacity of the phone is 32 GB, which is expandable and is equipped with a Micro SD slot as well. The phone’s volume control rocker and the power button are placed on the opposite sides of the device. This particular device also has a removable back where the micro SD slot is placed in the inside of the back. The display of the phone is around 4.5 inches which makes the phone quite pocket able. The resolution of the display screen is 800 x 480 which provides quite sharp and clear pictures and displays. The TFT LCD display heightens the vivacity of the picture and the display by leaps and bounds. The speakers of the handset are both positioned at the flipside of the phone.

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