The Samsung Galaxy Note

The phone, which is essentially an extra large version of the popular Galaxy S2, has been available overseas for sometime. Recently, Samsung announced that the highly-sought device will be brought to the USA on AT&T.

What makes the Galaxy Note stand out from the dozens of other cutting edge smartphones available today is its massive 5.3-inch screen. It’s the first phone to feature a screen that is more than 5 inches, and it bridges the gap between phones and tablets. Some people might not be willing to tolerate the large screen in their pocket, but those who do will find that they may not need a tablet anymore. The Note also features a built-in stylus, letting users make full use of the screen’s real estate.

Of course, the screen isn’t the Note’s only selling point. It also features everything else that one would expect from a top-tier smartphone as 2012 begins. It has an 8-megapixel camera as well as a 2-megapixel front camera. With a dual-core 1.4 GHz processor, speed isn’t expected to be an issue on the Note once it finally hits store shelves. It will be more than capable of browsing the web, whether it’s a news site or direct TV. Since it’s a part of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy smartphone series, it features the same high quality build quality as the Samsung Galaxy S2. It’s thin with rounded curves and a sleek profile, and easy to hold even with such a large screen.

Since Samsung somehow jammed all of these features into one phone, the Galaxy Note is easily one of 2012’s most intriguing phones. It will be one to keep an eye on for AT&T subscribers or anyone willing to jump ship. When it comes to smartphones, bigger is always better, so the Galaxy Note just might be the best.

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