The Samsung Galaxy Nexus All Set To Hit UK

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus Prime will be hitting UK in the next few weeks just in time for Christmas. The launch was supposed to take place last week however the Google and Samsung postponed the launch due to the death of Steve Jobs.
"Samsung Galaxy Nexus"
This mobile has been hyped as a flagship device and it will operate on the standard version of the Android OS. The device will also sport the Samsung Touch Wiz system for users to enjoy. This device has been bought out jointly by Google and Samsung to woo customers with its high tech features and appeal. The phone also sports a high definition display as well as screen size of 4.6 inches. It also has a 1.5 GHz processor.
The good news is that Samsung has replaced Nokia in the number of handset shipments in the recent months. It has bought out many great mobile devices that people all over the world have savored and highly praised. This year has been a good one for the mobile giant so fat and analysts are waiting for the results of the next quarter. The best part of Samsung phones is that they do not have third party applications like their other mobile counterparts.

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