The Phone Giants Are Opting For Using An ID

The phones that are manufactured by Black Berry, Nokia, and Google Android will be using an id hence forth. In a press conference in Toronto the makers of Nokia and Black Berry have said that they will be incorporating Google android with an id hence forth in all their applications. They will be including near filed communications technology in their phones in the days to come. This particular technology enables the data to be exchanged wirelessly over a certain distance. Thus the mobile can then be utilized for the purpose of making payments off goods, store electronic tickets, download music and exchange photos and business cards easily and effectively.


The implementation of this technology is a little tough as it has been stymied by the competing interest of the banks, device makers and merchants. All these people are eager to get a cut as it is a very dynamic ecosystem with a lot of people involved so a lot of things have to done before it reaches a considerable culmination.

The makers believe that with this technology the user can buy and sell their commodities very easily and quickly. The telecom industry is fast growing and it would not be very difficult to buy tickets and goods on your mobile any more.



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