The Official Handset Of Major League Gaming Is Xperia PLAY.

For Sony Ericsson phone lovers there is good news and that it that the brand and Major League Gaming have entered into a partnership where the official handset for the League is the Xperia PLAY or the PlayStation Phone.

"Xperia PLAY"

When it comes to the introduction of MLG it is a brand that enjoys the patronage of over 8 million and it is the premium platform in the field of video gaming. It is a laeder in the competition of video games and one of its main attractions is the Pro Circuit Tour. The 8th Season of this Tour is going to take place and it will also cover six prime US cities. The total competition is going to be made live and there is about $1 million that will be given out as prizes in addition to the player stipends.

Xperia Play is considered to be the first certified PlayStation phone with the latest Gingerbread version 2.3 of the Android platform. The device in addition to Playstation content will also have over 50 games from different Android makers for the Xperia PLAY phone. The user will have an easy access to the games that are available on this platform and it will also provide information about the games that the user has downloaded.


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