The Nokia Lumia 635 comes with the best of features

In a recent Tweet that was passed on behalf of the company of Nokia that it would host an event slated for the nineteenth of April for the release of the new mobile phone Nokia Lumia 635. The tweets that came out on the evleaks is better taken at face value because whatever predictions the web site has made have eventually turned out to be true. The date of April nineteenth is very important to the fans as because it would possibly be the date when the new mobile phone Nokia Lumia 635 would be unveiled. The mobile phone would come with a dual sim. The new mobile phone will be a dual phone with the presence of messaging apps.  The mobile phone of Nokia Lumia 635 will have the measurements of about sixty seven millimeters in to about one hundred and thirty millimeters. The mobile phone will have a screen size of about five inches (about 4.5 inches to be precise).


The Nokia Lumia 635 has a screen size which is slightly more than that of the screen size of the Nokia Lumia 920. There is also detailed information that the mobile phone of Nokia Lumia 635 has the presence of a 480 in to 854 pixel screen. Thus with a screen size as the new mobile phone has there are no chances that the Nokia Lumia 635 will have any chances of coming at a cheap price. There will be the presence of virtual buttons on the mobile phone and it is clear from the pictures of the mobile phone that there is an absence of the camera button. It is generally held that the Nokia Lumia 635 is a successor of the Nokia Lumia 630 in its characteristic features. The mobile phone supports dual sim connectivity. It appears that the screen size of the mobile phone Nokia Lunia 635 is much of a greater dimension than that of the Nokia  Lumia 620 3.8 inch display but when in comparison the resolution of the two mobile phones appear to be very similar.  Though all this information has been leaked still no information regarding the dates for the launch has been announced for the mobile phone.

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