The Nokia Lumia 1820 is going to be a stunner

The Mobile World Congress is the ultimate platform to unveil the Nokia Lumia 1820 as has been decided by the Smart phone company. The rumors that came out in the month of November about the launch of the phone in the MWC are apparently going to be true.  It is the finest place perhaps to show off the smartest innovations in the realm of mobile phones. Thus the company of Nokia hailing from Finland will launch their latest mobile hand set over here.  According to the PCR report the smart phone is going to have the features of Microsoft Windows 8.1 mobile operating system. The informants at Taiwan mobile store chain has announced in the Digi Times Report that it is true that the Nokia Lumia 1820 will be introduced to the people at large in the Mobile World Congress, two thousand and fourteen.  The Ubergizime claims that it has news that it is hoped that the Windows Phone will be the voice assistant of Microsoft which has been nicknamed Cortana. Thus the Nokia Lumia 1820 will be launched between the dates of twenty fourth of February and twenty seventh of February. The venue for the launch of the mobile phone is in Barcelona, Spain. As it is known that the company of Microsoft is taking over Nokia mobiles it is still not known whether this set of mobile phone will be the last under the brand’s name.




The Nokia Lumia 1820 is rumored to arrive with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 with a heavy three Giga Byte of Random Access Memory. The screen is going to bowl the admirers. The screen of the nokia Lumia 1820 will be about a stunning 5.2 inches. It will have a two K resolution.  The Nokia Lumia 1820 will have a three thousand and four hundred mAH battery power. The mobile phone of Nokia Lumia 1820 will also boast about a thirty two Giga Byte storage which is quite expandable.  The Xenon Flash and Lytro like Refocus will also be present in the Nokia Lumia 1820 mobile phone. This particular Nokia mobile phone will retain the same metallic body as was the case in Nokia Lumia 925.

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