The Nexus S Hits Space For The Second Time

It has done it once and now it does it again! The Nexus S travels into space for the second time making it a unique achievement for the Smartphone.Google had sent this phone into space as a part of the ST-135 space mission with Atlantis. This was the last NASA manned space shuttle that hit space with the mission of analyzing the performance of robots helping humans to live and experiment with space. This mission was conducted at the International Space Center where the mobile phone was very much a part.

"Nexus S"

Since the Nexus S is an Android based phone NASA was interested in its open source platform. This makes it easy for the astronauts to personalize the software and meet the specifications that are required to fly in space and work with the spheres. The Nexus S was also widely preferred because of its diverse sensors and processor that being a low powered one performed highly. The above was mentioned on the Google Blog written by Thor Lewis, Creative Lead and Charles Chen, a software engineer.

With the aid of the smartphone the above robotic satellites are able to perform tasks like capturing the video footage, recording the sensor data and many other tasks that used to done by the astronauts. 


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