The new Amazon’s Smartphone will be unveiled in June this year in 2014

The Amazon’s new android phone has finally come into focus. There have been some leaked photos that were released with the first look about the phone. Moreover techcrucnh has unveiled a lot of info with unique 3D interface. Amazon was planning to announce the phone by June this year and its actual design. Amazon has confirmed that it has plans for the smart phone. Introducing a new device in the market from out of the blue is indeed in worth watching out for. Analysts and techies write blogs to muse what the device might have to offer.




Although Amazon has not confirmed that it has plans for a smart phone launch. Introducing such a device in the crowded market that is dominated by Apple and Samsung innovations like the Kindle fire and Prime membership would demonstrate that this online giant would have the knack of selling smart phones after all. The phone could have a 3D user interface and multiple front facing cameras. Here are 5 technological advancements that Amazon might have caused when it unveils its new product.

3D Shopping – A3d interface won’t be requiring special glasses could have a lot of uses. When you are shopping online, you could simply pull up a 3D image of sneakers or a jacket and see all features that are easier.

Enhanced Games – Amazon has been rapidly expanding into the gaming area with Amazon Game Studio with streaming device including Amazon Fire TV. The phone has a nice way of putting more in the game front. The phone’s purported 3D interface could be one of the ways to offer a more robust gaming experience.

Seamlessly Grocery Shopping – Amazon tests Wi-Fi that called Amazon Dash that makes it easier on barcode scanning app. You have to combine with Amazon’s same day grocery service that is Amazon fresh and currently in testing in Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Free Streaming videos – there might be a free ad supported version of the Amazon’s currently instant Video Service that could be easily viewed on the phone. The video can be included in the phone for $99 per year.

Great Pricing – this is yet another factor that determines whether the pricing is good enough to convince people buying the phone once it’s out in the market.

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