The Motorola Atrix To Hit UK Soon Via T-Mobile

T-Mobile has recently announced a mobile deal where it plans to bring the Motorola Atrix to the UK. The brand posted a page that permits mobile users to register and get more information on these Atrix deals. The release date and the price however have not disclosed.

The above deal is going to make T-Mobile the second carrier in the UK to make the announcements of this deal with Motorola. The first is Orange who announced in the month of January that it would be bringing this Smartphone.

"The Motorola Atrix"

The release of the Motorola Atrix is scheduled for the next quarter of this year. The phone gained immense popularity at the CES this year and it was ranked to be one of the high profile handsets waiting for release. This handset is branded to be a versatile mobile and has been designed to work in sync with a docking station that also can be used as a notebook terminal as well.

When connected to a dock, the Atrix uses the storage and the processing power of the device that allows them to access the data of the handset via a large screen and the notebook speakers. This mobile is all set to be launched for UK next month.


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