The Mobile Creek – 2

The mobile creek 2 includes news about many different phones on the website. The latest news is on Sony Experia and Nokia X. The Nokia X phone is known to be providing Google services. The Nokia X was launched earlier in 2014 and had a huge response. It is solely based on an Android platform. The range phones will be known as the Nokia X family and are subject to discussion at the mobile world congress. They will have the ability to run Nokia and Microsoft services and also support Android apps. They support services like the Bing, one drive and Skype to dish out Google related services. They made an announcement that they will be available through Android technology and will be available through third party application stores.



Within a week, the XDA developer kasha Malaga has claimed that they are working with Nokia X to operate on the android OS platform. There are other services in store too. There was a 24 seconds short video that shows that the Nokia X operates on Android OS system of Google. The default custom skin of the Nokia X phone has been replaced by the Google Now Launcher. The default custom skin of the Nokia X phone runs on Google apps and other services like the play store, Gmail, Google Search, Hangouts, Chrome browser and maps with the likes of Nokia and Microsoft services.

Other services include cover mix radio and Nokia music player with others. There is no word from the company if the phone will be locked before it hits the market and available for consumers to buy. One of the most noticeable features of the phone is that it can customize itself with Android platform. They will have access to User Interface and has a new Google Now Launcher. The default customer skin of the Nokia X phone has been replaced by Google Now Launcher. Their services include mix radio, Nokia music, and Nokia and Microsoft services. There are other phones discussed too including the Sony Xperia Z2 that makes it a wonderful purchase. There are some releases of recent Nokia Lumia too.

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