The Limited Edition Nexus S Unveiled By Samsung

Samsung has unveiled a new phone in collaboration with Negri Electronics and it has been branded by the company- The Limited Edition Nexus S. The phone has the android logos on its back panels and the other features of the phone remain unchanged. The battery cover comes at a cost and those who desire to possess it require paying a little extra. The cover is an attractive one that really gives the phone a unique identity.

Within one day of its launch Samsung announced that this phone is one that operates on the Android 2.3 that is the latest Linux OS. There is however bad news for the company as within one day hackers did not have problem rooting the phone. This in turn allowed the hackers full access to the system of the phone and this in turn enabled to make custom installations and this also enabled the modifications of the phone to be made.

It is due to this feature of the phone that tech lovers have really liked the phone and it is now a hot favorite with them. It is of course no surprise that hackers were able to hack the phone so easily and this has led to the phone’s popularity even more!

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