Sony in the recent past took over the Sony Ericson project and made a new move with the Sony Mobile Communications. And it is since then that they have been improving and in a very steady pace. Their first introduction, the Xperia S, with a solid hardware design, though was good, couldn’t stand as a competitor in the rat race. Their next introduction, the Xperia T, made some improvement in the hardware structure, learning from the flaws of the first phone they had to offer. However something went wrong with the phone’s stylistics, but did receive some appraisal.


Thus, starting from naught, the proprietor managed to make it big with the Xperia Z that was introduced in the first quarter of this year. Having marked their identity in the market, the Z1 which was off late introduced, deserves a note of mention.

Going by the speculations, the Z1 is one of the first Smartphones that was announced with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800. The structure is equipped with a quad-core CPU which is of 2.2 GHz, with a RAM that is 2GB and an internal storage capacity of 16 GB. With all such factors that are embodied Z1 has been given an appraisal that it is comfortable to hold compared to the previous ones. However it is not free of flaws and the major flaw faced is that the locking system is not good when compared to the other android handsets.

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