The Glass In Nokia

Nokia’s Asha series hasn’t been able to make it to the headlines much and as a result lacked popularity amongst those in the West. One may wonder why Nokia would abstain from promoting their phones world wide especially at a period when they are facing a crisis. The strategy behind it is that Nokia has been targeting the lower income consumers, the ones from the emerging market who prefer affordable phones to the trendy expensive ones. Thus thanks to Nokia for its latest phone Asha 501 with an affordable price of $99. The phone meets both the requirements; it is pocket friendly and at the same time has got a brand stamped on it and of course other than these, it meets the need of the present day, i.e. it is a Smartphone and thus has all the features of one.


But Nokia is not known much for the facilities it provides, but the design with a signature palette of bright colours is its extensive features that capture the fancy of potential buyers who care more for the look of a phone than the features of the phone. Thus, though never much in news for its extraordinary features, this time Nokia has made it to the news for the design of its upcoming Smartphone Nokia Asha 500.  The phone is said to possess a double shot glass and a polycarbonate design, however the rest of it is somewhat identical to the previous one Asha 501.

No release date or the price of the phone has been stated; hence we can just wait for the polycarbonate design Asha.

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