Sony Confirmed the release of Water-proof Xperia Z1

Finally, after so many rumors and oozes, Sony has lately made the release of Xperia Z1 official. The Xperia Z1 This handset will be available in three black, white and purple shades and most this is also water and dust resistant. The Xperia Z1 have been designed with unique Triluminos display and X-Reality for the […]

Sony Honami May Be Renamed Xperia Z1- The First One Sony Smartphone

The Sony Honami is one of the widely anticipated phones of the company that is scheduled to hit the markets at the IFA 2013 to be held in Germany at Berlin. There are reports that this phone will be called the Xperia Z1 and will be promoted under the One Sony brand. When it comes […]

Sony Is Set To Give New Feature To Its Latest And Advanced Xperia ZR

Sony is giving a hard labor to add new feature into its Xperia ZR. As per the information accumulated from the Xperia blog the new feature will prevent accidental touches on the Smartphone. With the advent of this feature the users will be capable of answering calls even the Touch Block is on. It has […]

Waterproof Giant Sony Xperia Z Launched

The waterproof giant has arrived at last! The Sony Xperia Z Ultra phone has entered the markets and it seems to have been creating waves already. This phone is known for its gigantic screen. It is the slimmest large display screen in the market and the company is pitching the phone in this manner. Sony […]

Sony Xperia TX Ready For Jelly Bean Update Now

It is really a good news for you people who own Sony Xperia TX is ready to have Jelly Bean update. Sony may be looking busy to release a number of new handsets this year as the company looks to take a bigger slice of the Android smartphone pie, but it doesn’t seem to be […]

Dying Issues Found With Sony Xperia Z

There is bad news in store for Sony! The recently launched Sony Xperia Z is now suffering from phone issues. The complaints are frequent and users have posted on forums online. The Company has taken the above into consideration and has promised a solution. We just need to wait and watch to see what it […]

Before Making Debut In 2013’s MWC The Specifications Of Sony Xperia SP Has Been Seep Out

There were only 2 days left for the Sony Xperia SP to debut to the mobile world conference held in 2013. But before appearing in to the show the specifications of Sony Xperia SP revealed. The information that has been gathered from the latest tidbit is this unreleased device is designed with a touchscreen display […]

Sony initiate Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Update Of The Xperia T & Xperia V

The Sony Company has made the first move in 2012 to update Android 4.1 for Smartphone’s. Now Sony has started to upgrade Android 4.1 Jelly Bean in their Smartphone models “Sony Xperia T and Xperia V”. Despite the fact that the Sony Xperia TX will not be getting the firmware update until next 30 days, […]

Sony Xperia Z Price & Release Date Is Prepared And Ready To Make Its Debut In UK Together With Xperia ZL

The price and release date of both Sony Xperia Z and it sibling Xperia ZL has been unveiled. Both of the handset will enter into the market on 8th January. This device has been under rumor for a short time. The Xperia Z has been come to the front through the CES in 2013. This […]

Jelly Bean To Be Launched on Sony Xperia Z In First Quarter

There is good news for Sony Xperia Z that has officially surfaced at the CES 2013. The Company has in the past removed specific doubts of the existence of this handset by hosting some photos on the website. With these pictures we are able to get more details on the specifications of this mush awaited […]

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