An user friendly T-Mobile:-

T-Mobile has always been a user friendly mobile. Keeping in mind what the customers hate about the cell phone business, the proprietor is trying to bring in a change those things. Thus in their process to change the things that the customers hate, T-Mobile, which is the number 4 US wireless carrier this time has […]


Those who are lovers of gadgets usually seek for those which have flashy hardware and extraordinary features. However, though this flashy stuff is important for the buyers, underneath them are little things that make a device hit it off with the buyers. The recent research has given a broader explanation on what it is. These […]


We know the BLU which is a budget Smartphone Company as a company that endows its customers with android phones at minimal prices. Thus like every time, this time again the company has brought in its latest Smartphone, the BLU Studio 5.5 and following its name, the phone has got a 5.5 inch screen display. […]

Blackberry receives good news

With the recent losses faces by Blackberry which even led to selling its unique BBM feature to the android users, time seemed to be not in favour of Blackberry. But as every tunnel leads to an opening that is bright, amidst the sweltering time, the company received some good news. Lacking in their own confidence, […]

Lenovo making it big

Lenovo has off late made some good business in the market with its latest classy looking yet reasonable Smartphones. But soon after the introduction of its Iris Pro series and the great success that it has brought to them with around five percent more than the ZTE and a percentage share equal to LG, Lenovo […]


Though it may sound a bit skeptical, it has been observed that the new iPhone for some reason or the other fails with its supply to meet the demand. And the scenario is not a rare one. Of late, Apple has disclosed two new models and as it is common with them, there was a […]


Panasonic who was distinctly away from the market for quite some time is now back, and back with their mid-range Android Smartphones for the Indian market. They have officially declared the names of their three upcoming models namely P11 and T11. And it is good news for the customers as the phones will be available […]


The market for mobile phones is causing completion amongst the mobile phone companies. Who is going to win the race? It is solely for this reason that Apple, one of the leading mobile producers in the market has come up with new marketing strategies. Apple had first introduced its iPhone six years back and since […]

Samsung Follows Apple- Confirms Next Set Of Smartphones Will Have 64 bit processors

Samsung has officially confirmed that its next range of high end smartphone devices will sport the 64 bit processors. This announcement comes after the launch of the iphone 5S that is the first device to have the technology. Apple earlier has boosted that its A7 chip would offer a desktop like architecture. Most experts have […]

Time to shout YAHOOOOO!!!

Start your day with great news. Shout YAHOO!!! You must be wondering why I am so excited. Well one can’t resist but be excited when he gets to know that Yahoo has launched a new mobile application this very morning known as the “yahoo screen” specially designed for the Apple IOS Devices which includes their […]

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