Samsung Regains Top Spot as Smartphone Seller

Samsung continues to being at the top in the first quarter of the year as it has emerged as the world’s largest smartphone seller beating Apple Inc. in terms of revenue. As per the data from a renowned market research firm, Samsung sold smartphones worth US$23.62 billion in the January-March quarter in 2013 and regained […]

Iphone Mini Comes To Web Through Images

iPhone Mini has come in web by its pictures. According to the images, this new budget iPhone will have a smaller display, with screen size around 3.5 inches. The screen is expected to be the much-awaited Retina display.  The leaked image also shows that this small iPhone will have a plastic design unlike the aluminum […]

Cheap iPhone 5 To Hit Markets In June-July

There is good news for iphone 5 enthusiasts and this is a cheaper version of the handset is going to be launched soon. Analysts have revealed that a cheaper plastic version of the iphone 5 may enter markets this year. The production of the phone it is anticipated may begin this June. This was stated […]

Entrance Of T-Mobile iphone 5 In 2013 Officially Announced

There has been a buzz that iPhone 5 will release through T-Mobile, since the hauler signed, an accord with Apple was formally announced. With the passage of time, different service providers such as AT&T, Verizon and Sprint have alleged by different products of the American multinational corporation and the owner in query is yet to […]

New Apple Iphone 5 Sells Out Completely After Preorder Launch

The crazy demand of Iphone 5 has made Apple “the need” of the people. From the day of its pre-order launch, this new Iphone has become the bestselling smartphone ever. The Iphone has already been sold out in UK soon after its preorder announcement.  Apple in its online store gave a delivery time of two […]

New Next Generation IPhone Case Hints At 4 Inch Display

People are eagerly waiting for the arrival of the new next generation Iphone this October. Apple has been tight lipped on this device and currently there is no news from them. We have to wait for the next release date of the device to find out more on this widely anticipated phone. There has been […]

iPhone 5: The Latest Attraction From Apple

Apple has always been the seat of innovations. It has thrived to serve the common people with the best and interesting advancements made in the research areas in the manufacturing sector. The iPhone is no exception to this rule. The iPhone has been designed to give the common people with the features they have been […]

Slimline iPhone 5 With 4G LTE Quad Chip To Hit Markets In 2012

For iPhone lovers there is great news in store for them. The iPhone 5 will become slimmer and have a quad mode chip 3G support with LTE across all networks. This phone is anticipated to arrive in the third quarter of 2012. This news was released by the popular investment bank Morgan Stanley. In its […]

Sprint iPhone5 Likely To Arrive In October Via Best Buy

It has been sometime that we have been hearing news about the iPhone 5. Mobile enthusiasts all over the world are waiting for the set to hit the market. There has been some leaked information in the form of a Best Buy document that the iPhone 5 is all set to hit the market via […]

iPhone 5 To Be Released Between July And August

Rumors and speculations on the release of iPhone 5 continue to roll out with the new discussions made by the awaiting customers of Apple’s latest mobile phone. The news that is now hitting the headlines is the possible release of this handset between July and August. It is speculated that the latest device by Apple would have […]

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