Enjoy The Benefits Of iPhone 4 Twelve South BookBook Feature

The iPhone 4 has yet again received another creation-The Twelve South BookBook that is a miniature case that looks like a book. This case will help users carry things that they generally carry in their wallet along with the iPhone 4. The unique feature of this wallet is that it will replace the traditional iPhone […]

Apple’s Next Sensation Iphone 5 Has Finally Revealed Its Releasing Date

Breaking all the speculations, Apple’s iPhone 5 releasing date has finally announced. Mentioning a definite date for the release, an Apple employee from St. Albans branch has officially said that the iPhone 5 will be released on 21st November 2011 in the UK, breaking the previous given time period given as vague and uncertain. Putting […]

White iPhone 4 Ready For Sellers

For those customers who are waiting for the White iPhone 4 there is good news and that is the phone will be ready for sellers to sell soon. Apple has confirmed that it is going to make the handset available in white finally. This device has been subjected to a number of unnecessary delays leading […]

Iphone 4 Loses Place In Top 5 Best Phones Chart

Believe it or not but iphone 4 has lost its place in the Top 5 Best Phones Chart and this was confirmed by an survey that was conducted by uSwitch. The best phones spot have been bagged by the Android phones and the top three spots have been bagged by HTC Desire, HTC Desire HD […]

Pre-Orders For Verizon iPhone 4 Running Smoothly

The wait for the much coveted iPhone is now over as Verizon Wireless and pre-orders for the device are in full swing. The long awaited process for pre-orders of the iPhone 4 got off to a great start with the nation receiving pre-orders from existing Verizon Wireless customers. The process for pre-orders began at 3 […]

Sales IPhone 4 Specifications Spelled Out By Apple On Verizon

There is good news for those that are eagerly awaiting to be proud owners of the Apple iPhone 4 in the nation and that is the sales details have been officially declared. The iPhone is in news again as Apple has announced the details of a special offer for customers of Verizon Wireless for pre-ordering […]

Grab Attractive iPhone 4 Deals With Leading Networks In UK

Apple is one of the leading mobile manufacturers in the cell phone industry and it believes in both quality and innovation to its maximum level. Apple made a significant entry in the mobile market with its iPhone that became the epitome of technology and enhanced applications. The sales of the phone boomed and now Apple […]

iPhone 4 for only $147 and iPhone 3GS for $47 from Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club has great offers for those who have not managed to get one of the desired Apple iPhones yet. From today and until Friday they offer the 16 GB iPhone 4 for only $147 (compared to the $199.99 that it has been going for ever since its release) and the iPhone 3GS for just […]

2 Million Galaxy S Smartphones Sold in Korea

Samsung has announced that they have sold 2 million Galaxy S Android-powered smartphones in Korea during the six months since the phone was released there. Moreover, Samsung Galaxy S is the first smartphone, which reached the 2 million sold milestone in Korea. Besides, 9.3 million Galaxy S smartphones have been sold worldwide, and this series […]

X8 – the most unusual clone of the iPhone 4

Apple iPhone is the most often ”cloned” phone by Chinese manufacturers. We have seen many of them, but the X8 claims to be the most original. The Chinese fake iPhone 4 is a clamshell with QWERTY keyboard. The upper part of the ”iPhone 4” is fixed on hinges and can be rotated in several directions. […]

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