HTC Working On Windows 8 Flagship Phone

HTC is working on a new device that is a high end phone that will go on sale during Christmas.  This new phone will look like the HTC One and also sport the GDR3 update for the Windows 8. This brand new phone will also sport Qualcomm chips and have a display screen that is […]

New HTC Phones Soon To Be Released On AT & T

HTC is back in the news again and it is all ready to release new s soon. There are three handsets the mobile manufacturer will release in October and November. The HTC Windows Phone 8X AT&T is scheduled to be released in November and it is all set to join the 4G LTE smartphone league. […]

HTC Phones Renamed Before Launch

HTC has always been keen and innovative while producing cell phones. They have always made it a point that one cam find the best phone under their banner so that they are able to get hold of the largest share in the consumer market. The latest innovation by them is in the anticipation of some […]

HTC 7 Pro in Germany via O2

The long awaited HTC 7 Pro Windows Phone 7 is now available in Germany via O2. The phone can be purchased from O2 unlocked for 569 EUR or for 22 EUR with a 2-year contract. The launch dates for other O2 countries (UK/Ireland and Spain) are unknown at this moment. The ”German” HTC 7 Pro […]

HTC Knight shows off its keyboard

A new photo of  HTC Knight (aka HTC Evo Shift 4G) leaked in the web. The photo was posted on the Sprint Users Forum. This photo differs from others leaked before with the fact we can finally take a look at phone’s sliding QWERTY keyboard. The smartphone’s keyboard has a trackpad (like the first Motorola […]

HTC 7 Trophy: QWERTY-smartphone Based on Windows Phone 7

It seems like the Taiwanese manufacturer HTC has decided to add the number 7 in the name of each smartphone, which runs Windows Phone 7.Firstly, they renamed the smartphone HD3 to HD7. And now, it’s rumored that HTC 7 Trophy will be certified during the Global Certification Forum. The technical specifications of the phone are […]

T-Mobile G2: Official Photos

The smartphone T-Mobile G2, previously known as HTC Vision, was probably the most discussed phone in the past few months. Vision should be the descendant of the T-Mobile G1, the first smartphone runing Android. Later, it became known that the phone will be available in Europe under the name HTC Desire Z. Now we have […]

HTC T8788: Another Smartphone Based On Windows Phone 7

Some photos of the upcoming HTC smartphone, running Windows Phone 7, leaked in the web. The official name of the device is not known yet, only the index number is known – HTC T8788. The new handset will be a slider. The other technical specifications of this phone are not known yet.

HTC Desire Z and Desire HD Specs

As you may have already heard, the HTC vision will be available as HTC Desire Z, and the HTC Ace – as HTC Desire HD. And now we have some information on the technical features of these devices, which, I’ll say, are quite atractive. Desire Z is equipped with a QWERTY keyboard and will be […]

HTC Schubert: Photos and Specifications

Unofficial information on the upcoming smartphone HTC Schubert appeared in the web: photos, video, and a fairly detailed list of specifications.It is also known that the smartphone will run the new operating system Windows Phone 7 and will be equipped with Snapdargon processor. HTC Schubert specifications: Networks: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA 900/2100 MHz […]

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