HTC One Blue appears online

Rumors were coming for a while about the blue version of HTC flagship – HTC One and now it has made its first appearance online. But this version will be only for one carrier- Verizon, at least for the time being. Few months back,  HTC and Verizon jointly announced that they would be delivering a […]

Recent Leaks Shows HTC One Max Appearance For The First Time

Rumors on HTC One Max have been coming since mid-July with variety of information. But now it shows its appearance through a recent leak. This phablet with 5.9’’ display, which  is likely to  be launched in this September, has come with photo in the recent leak. In the image the phone is being seen with […]

Plastic HTC Zara Expected To Be Released This Year

There are a lot of rumors that have been released on the HTC One Max.  Originally this mobile was called and known as the T6. This is the first phablet from HTC. There are rumors this device will get its release in the month of September. There are also rumors of another device expected to […]

HTC Working On Windows 8 Flagship Phone

HTC is working on a new device that is a high end phone that will go on sale during Christmas.  This new phone will look like the HTC One and also sport the GDR3 update for the Windows 8. This brand new phone will also sport Qualcomm chips and have a display screen that is […]

HTC Is On Revival Path, Squares May 2013 Revenue to May 2012 Revenue

Now it all seems that HTC has finally been able to reverse the way of downfall.  Recent reports has confirmed this revival first by quoting an unofficial source that HTC One had sold  over 5 million units since its launch in March. HTC’s official information about the monthly financial review says that there is a 48% […]

Sense 5 Update in HTC One Is For All

The HTC One X Sense 5 update is all set to be available for all variants of the device, not only the global variant.  Previously, it  was told from HTC that this Sense 5 update of HTC One would be available only to the global variants of the device which left the owners of this high-end phone […]

Delay in HTC One costs HTC dear, profit drops to record low in Q1

HTC profit has dipped by more than 98% compared to the same period last year; a recent audit has revealed this shocking story. The preliminary result of this Taiwanese mobile manufacturing giant reveals that HTC included some preliminary Q1 results in its monthly financial report and the numbers aren’t looking good.  HTC had a disastrous […]

Short Supply Of The HTC One Smartphone

There is bad news for people who are vying for the HTC One Smartphone. Chances are they will not get the phone due to the short supply of parts. Reports have said that this new Android Jelly Bean mobile phone called One is ready to be launched on the 15th of March in UK however […]

Release Date Of AT & T HTC One VX Released

The release date for the HTC One VX has been released and it is all set to come out on AT & T on the 7th of December 2012.  This was earlier revealed that it will be shipping with a price tag of $49.99. This smartphone is a budget friendly phone that had been announced […]

HTC One V Cricket Release And Price Revealed

For those waiting for the HTC One V there is good news-its price and release date has been officially revealed. This is an ICS device that is considered to be one of the members of the HTC One Smartphone series. It is a budget phone that can be afforded by all. This phone is expected […]

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