Sense 5 Update in HTC One Is For All

The HTC One X Sense 5 update is all set to be available for all variants of the device, not only the global variant.  Previously, it  was told from HTC that this Sense 5 update of HTC One would be available only to the global variants of the device which left the owners of this high-end phone […]

O2 Sells HTC One X + Phone Sans Chargers In A Bid To Reduce Electronic Waste

O2 has joined hands with HTC in a bid to reduce electronic waste and now it is making this dream a reality. The UK mobile service provider is now encouraging its peers and other competitors alike to follow the same steps and protect the environment from pollution and excess electronic waste. It is asking other […]

Price Confirmed of AT &T HTC X+ Price –Now Available In All Carrier Owned Stores

AT & T has announced the price of the HTC One X +. This device can now be bought at all of the carrier’s retail stores. It has a 720 HD resolution screen like its predecessor the One X. As claimed by HTC this phone is a smartphone that is the first of its kind […]

HTC One X AT & T Prices Reduced To $ 100 On Contract

There is good news for HTC One X AT & T. The price of the phone has been reduced to $ 100 and this is why the device is attainable for many users in the nation. The price is going to be implemented on the 29th of July and it is tied to a contract […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. HTC One X

Earlier in the year when HTC unveiled their new ‘One’ series, and the flagship One X smartphone, they did so with little in the way of competition. The HTC One X simply had more in the way of specs and performance for any other phone to rival – until the Samsung Galaxy S3 came along. […]

Tablets Getting Over Smartphones

Just recently we were surprised looking at a survey data that showed there more sold smartphones than PCs in the world. It made many people think the upcoming mobile devices will be smaller than what we currently use, but Apple upturned everything as it always does. I mean when the whole tech world was obsessed […]

HTC Promises Fix For One X Wi-Fi Issue

HTC has acknowledge that its recent launch the HTC One X flagship mobilephone has issues with Wi-Fi connectivity. The Taiwanese phone maker has stated that is will fix the issue soon and users do not have to worry. The company has admitted that there are a number of HTC One X mobile devices released in […]

Review Of Htc 4g Lte, Lte Is In Name Only But Specs Remarkable

The HTC users will happy to know that in this week there will be a release of sprint’s brand new HTC Evo 4G LTE phone. In the coming Friday the spanking new Smartphone is set to sale for 200$ on contract. The Evo is a fragile mobile phone, which suits in hands fit well in […]

HTC One X and HTC One S Available For Pre-Order At Phones4U

The HTC One X and HTC One S phones can now be pre-ordered from retail stores at UK. It is anticipated that stocks will hit the market from the 5th of April. The 1.5 GHz quad core device-HTC One X was launched in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress 2012. There are many powerful internal […]

HTC One X To Hit Markets Soon

Recent reports have confirmed that the HTC One X has passed through the FCC and has started getting its accessories. When a handset gets through the FCC that generally takes a month to many weeks the release of the device takes place very soon. This means that the HTC One X is likely to hit […]

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