Google Nexus 5 Release Rumors Surface

There are new rumors now surrounding the Nexus 5. These new rumors center around date, specs and price. The new device is going to be the follow up device to the Nexus 4 that will be the star launch last year of the company. This device is one that will include a camera that is […]

Motorola X May Consider As The First Anti-Iphone

Given how distinctive Google and Apple are in their business methods of insight, it bodes well that the two organizations might discharge cell phones that are shafts separated simultaneously. CNET’s Roger Cheng has posted a shrewd bit of dissection clarifying how the new Moto X phone is a genuine test to Apple’s accepted tightly regulated […]

Motorola’s X Phone Coming With New Google Experience

Though there are no clear details of Motorola’s new Project X, however the only affirmation with the phone’s lifetime arrives using an employment publishing looking for a product administrator to operate straight while using group developing the device, although few particulars have appeared. These days, however, a review has appeared over at SmartHouse providing all […]

Google Forced To Postpone Android Event

Google has been forced to postpone its Android event for the 29th October due to Hurricane Sandy. There has been a threat issued to the US coast by the said Hurricane forcing Google to postpone the launch event by the search engine giant. The Company had been expected to make an announcement of its latest […]

Christmas sees Apple and Google reach a new zenith

The 25th of December 2011 witnessed a record which was not even thought of before. The people reverted from television sets to their mobile by downloading stuff and doing a lot of phone activations. The mark of phone activation reached in a single day was 6.8 million. This was mainly due to the reason that […]

The Phone Giants Are Opting For Using An ID

The phones that are manufactured by Black Berry, Nokia, and Google Android will be using an id hence forth. In a press conference in Toronto the makers of Nokia and Black Berry have said that they will be incorporating Google android with an id hence forth in all their applications. They will be including near […]

Iphone Users Can Now Check Into Google Iphone Application

The Google Latitude for iphone applications have been upgraded by Google and now users can check into the places where their friends are. Google also introduced the Google Places for the iPhone in 30 languages. This new feature will be available to about 100 million new users. This check in feature of the company was […]

Google Nexus S went on sale

The second branded smartphone from Google went on sale in the US. The Nexus S is available at Best Buy retail locations. It costs $529 without any contract or $199 on a 2-year contract with T-mobile. The first Android 2.3 Gingerbread powered smartphone is expected to become available in the UK at Carphone Warehouse during […]

Google Nexus S officially announced

Google has finally announced its new smartphone under its own brand – Nexus S. Actually, the phone is manufactured by Samsung electronics and is a slim candybar with a large 4 inch Super AMOLED touchscreen. This is the first smartphone equipped with a a Contour Display with curved glass screen and Anti-fingerprint coating and the […]

Samsung Nexus S specs leaked

Best Buy has disclosed the specs of Samsung Nexus S. Accordindg to it the phone will be availble via T-Mobile USA. The device features a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, 1500 mAh battery. The Nexus S has quad-band GSM support like any decent modern smartphone, but its 3G bands include that 1700 MHz one […]

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