T- Mobile Introduces Blackberry OS 6 Beta For Select Handsets

Owners of the Blackberry Curve 3G and the Bold 9700 will get The Blackberry OS 6 through the Beta Zone of RIM thanks to T-Mobile. These two phones are the first to get the upgrade and when it comes to The Blackberry 9300, it is a Smartphone that is an entry level one and has a 2MP camera with a fixed focus. The phone display is a 2.4 inch QVGA screen and it has GPA , 3G and Wi-Fi. The Bold 9700 is smarter and good looking and it is endowed with a 2.4 inch HVGA screen with a 3.2 MP camera that has flash and autofocus. The RAM and the processing power of the handset is like the Curve.


When it comes to the Blackberry OS 6 Beta on these phones, the devices will receive notable features and be gifted with the ability of universal search. This means that the user is able to search for stuff both online and on the device from the home screen. There also will be available a Webkit browser that will be an upgraded one and there also will be a number of visual upgrades that will improve the functionality of the entire device. This upgrade is currently being rolled out by T-Mobile in places like Canada and the UK.

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