Still Nokia Lumia 520 dominates other Window phone

Nokia Limia 520 is one of the flagship handset that still dominates other Smartphone. The popularity of this handset is still increasing day by day. Constantly Nokia Lumia 520 is getting the leading position among all the Smartphone. No Window phone is there which can give a strong or heating competition with Nokia Lumia 520 till now. ADuplex, the advertising Company said that Nokia Lumia 520 is one of the budget phones which can give you all the latest applications and Operating System with low- prices and with this quality it has become a number one Window phone in all over the world.



From the recent news about the window phone devices in U.S.A , we came to know that Lumia 520 has already got 30.8 percent market share among the entire Window Phones. According to U.S.A mobile market ADuplex says that Nokia Lumia 520 is already gaining a huge market and has also collected a number of positive reactions from the viewers. From the ADuplex sources we get to know that Lumia 520 get the second position in December and the percentage of share has also increased from the last month. Company says that the main reason of increased number of the share of Nokia Lumia 520 is the festive offer and the reduction of the price.

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