Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4GLTE Will Launch In April 22

Samsung is coming out with new mobile named as sprint Samsung galaxy nexus, this phone will expose in public in April 22. The device is coming out with the ICS treat for potential buyers.

You cannot ignore Samsung’s nexus because it has a feature like Google wallet and android beam. The upcoming nexus is wonderfully designed Smartphone, which has a combination of meager Google experience with the speed of 4G LTE network. It signifies the innovative features. Beside this, the upcoming nexus is perfectly pair with the sprint’s unlimited data plans, which will allow the users to take the pleasure of wireless experience without even worried extra charges or throttling Fared Adib, who is the vice president product development of Samsung’s sprint, remarks all these things about nexus.

Not only sprint is excellent in its software antics but also it has enormous things in its hardware. The sprint is possess with 1.2GHz dual core processor and a 4.65 inch HD. Apart from this it has a excellent display offering 1280*720p resolutions. The sprint is a good performer in the field of photography, it has a 5MP snapper on the rear panel with various quality such as auto focus, zero shutter lag and finally yet importantly 1080p video capturing potential.

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