Sprint iPhone5 Likely To Arrive In October Via Best Buy

It has been sometime that we have been hearing news about the iPhone 5. Mobile enthusiasts all over the world are waiting for the set to hit the market. There has been some leaked information in the form of a Best Buy document that the iPhone 5 is all set to hit the market via Sprint as its network carrier. This document contains vague information that the pre-orders for the phone are going to begin this month and this hint at a release date in October!

"Sprint iPhone5"

It is anticipated that best buy is all set to open its pre-orders sometime later this week. The sales medium will be via the Best Buy site and its entire chain of retail mobile stores. Sprint is the only network carrier that will be selling the iPhone 5. It is the only mobile carrier that is ahead of the competition to sell the iPhone 5 to the masses in the nation. The statements that have been issued are also subject to change as they have not yet been confirmed. Only time will let us know on whether the above is true or not. Till then let us keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best!


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