Sony’s Success With The New Xperia Z1

Sony recently has been indulged in their new Sony Ericson Project, have also made a transition to Sony Mobile Communications. After this, their improvement has been in a balanced pace. Their first manufacture of Smartphone was Xperia  S with a rock-solid hardware design,  could not withstand the Smartphone race as a firm competitor. Now, they are initiated to launch their next  Xperia T with some great improvements in the phone’s hardware, as the organization had learnt a lot from their past failure of promoting Xperia  S.


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The owner of Sony Mobile Communications is now successful with the Xperia  Z, a new model of Sony Smartphone introduced in Q1 2013, with that, later in the market managed to withstand the rat race and made a name with the Xperia  Z1. The Z1 which is perhaps one of first Sony Smartphones that is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 and with a quad-core CPU whose clock speed is of 2.2 GHz. Besides the capacity of RAM which is of 2GB, the internal storage capacity also holds a memory of 16GB. One notable drawback of this Smartphone is that the locking system is not of high quality as compared to the other devices.

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